During Dreamforce We Met Email Address Like Stephanie

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During Dreamforce We Met Email Address Like Stephanie

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Herrera , who founded ATX Girly Geeks and created Salesforce Saturday, a community meetup to learn about Salesforce. Stephanie shared her story at the Kickoff Conference with email address Benioff. Dreamforce is an amazing reminder of the power of the entire Trailblazer community. Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing business in various areas such as sales , customer service , and operations. This transformation will also be evident in digital marketing . In this article we look at how AI will affect your marketing strategy. How Artificial Intelligence will affect your marketing strategy To understand the definition of artificial intelligence and how it can help you in your marketing strategy, you first need to explore two very important concepts: big data and deep learning . After understanding them, it will email address clearer how you can use this technology in favor of your company. big data From doctoral dissertations to beach vacation photos to social media interactions, it's all a huge set of data called big data . The vast majority of this data is unstructured: it is information that has not yet undergone a certain process that gives it functionality.

It would be humanly impossible to analyze and structure the enormous amount of data introduced on the Internet. It is precisely there where artificial intelligence is applied, with programs that can structure the data and draw profiles, and later carry out an autonomous analysis of the reading and apply filters by relevance. It is from big data that artificial intelligence reaches its full potential. deep learning Deep learning is a set of algorithms developed email address the study of neural networks. In simple terms, it uses a category system based on the human brain. Deep learning is a more sophisticated form of machine learning and, unlike its predecessor, it is capable of handling big data . How does artificial intelligence contribute to marketing? We know that artificial intelligence is a reality. There email address is an immeasurable amount of data that, in order to acquire value, needs to be read, understood and classified with cognitive computing programs. Let's see how this can affect your strategies: Knowing consumers better than they know themselves Based on certain common characteristics, or from a topic, time period, form of interaction, use of certain expressions and millions of other characteristics that each individual possesses, it is possible to draw consumer profiles, delimit them and use that information to organize targeted and effective marketing campaigns .


In this way, it is possible to anticipate the trends, needs or desires of consumers. Raw data that is structured by cognitive computing programs can represent a great opportunity. Target email address and increase conversion With extensive knowledge of the consumer, it is possible to use artificial intelligence programs that organize and execute targeted marketing campaigns. In other words, based on previously selected criteria, the campaigns reach only the interested consumer . Personalize automated customer service by humanizing the robot The use of virtual assistants, automated customer support and similar technologies is becoming more common. However, this type of customer email address has the disadvantage of lacking human touch in communication. Virtual assistants using artificial intelligence programs are steadily improving thanks to deep learning, which allows them to learn and understand more with each new interaction to offer faster solutions to known problems already solved. The humanization of customer service is a marketing strategy based on the relationship.
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During Dreamforce We Met Email Address Like Stephanie

Сообщение ququ » Пн июн 27, 2022 15:32

не потятно, почему до сих пор не сдох, ёбаный пидр?
День кончился. Что было в нем?
Не знаю, пролетел, как птица.
Он был обыкновенным днем,
А все-таки - не повторится.
Зинаида Гиппиус, 1928 год.

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